About Us


ITE is committed to protecting the health and safety of our employees, customers, suppliers, contractors, visitors and others affected by our operations. We do not condone Slavery or Human Trafficking. We will never knowingly engage in these activities in our own business and will not tolerate them if we find them within our supply chain.

As a proud and responsible Omani Company. We are committed to the development of our society and our employees through:



The personal development of each of our employees through lifestyle, academic and professional training to help them achieve the best that they can be and to also allow the business to prosper along with them.



Omanization is a program instituted by the Government of Oman in 1988 that aims to provide various opportunities to increase the participation of Omani labour in Oman's economy and to reduce dependence on expatriate labor. We have hired locals in all departments at various levels of management, and believe that talented Omani employees are the future of the company growth.



As part of our commitment towards global sustainability, recycling of refractory waste, both internally and externally generated, is central to our operations.



ITE endeavors to reduce its carbon footprint and emission of greenhouse gases through its practice of carbon trading and adopting best operational practice.



Oman and the MENA region has a number of potential refractory raw material sources. ITE will work to utilize these in its products, thus reducing its import requirement and associated carbon footprint as well as supporting other regional businesses and communities.

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