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Al-Tamayuz Investments

Al-Tamayuz Investments WLL was incorporated in 2018, with the intention to participate in lucrative industrial investments that are critically needed for the major industries, which have been traditionally imported from various parts of the world. The philosophy of the company is to be self-dependent and reduce the dependency on other countries and their products, and at the same time train a local workforce; thereby reducing the unemployment of educated young nationals. Local second and third generation are trained as engineers, technicians and other skilled workforce, which also aligns with the policies of all GCC countries.

Website: www.tamayuzinvestments.com


Al-Thabat Holding

Al-Thabat Holding Group of companies is one of the premier business and industrial groups in Oman. Founded in the year 2008, Al-Thabat operates in a wide range of sectors - construction, travel and tourism, technology, investments and projects, joinery workshops and estate management.

Website: www.althabatholding.com


Shumookh Investment and Services

Shumookh Investment and services is a closed joint company (S.A.O.C) established in 2010 at an initiative of Public Establishments for Industrial Estates (Madayn) as its investment arm. Shumookh is owned by prominent public institutions in Oman, along with a strategic investor. SIS operates in a wide range of sectors - education, healthcare, oil and gas, industrial goods and services, utilities, food and beverage, travel and leisure.

Website: www.shumookh.om


The Sultan’s Special Force Pension fund

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