As a new business, entering an established global industry brought with it many challenges, the first of which was securing the necessary expert knowledge, skills and experience to effectively interpret customer’s needs for products and supporting services, and key personnel for controlling and monitoring all stages of the manufacturing and installation processes.

During our initial recruitment drive we secured highly experienced and knowledgeable specialists who had served successfully with many of the major global refractory producers in Europe and Asia. These experts forming our core senior management team were actively engaged with the recruitment process and forward succession planning for the business.

Having successfully recruited the key managers, supervisors and technicians, our forward training program will ensure this knowledge cascades down to all levels of the business, our purpose-built Training Centre supporting the ongoing development needs of all company employees. The significant investment in our Technical Centre supports our ongoing research and development program, with a focus on achieving technical excellence. Our business partner Resco provides both theoretical and practical hands-on training for employees and customers in the science, installation and use of refractories.

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