Technical Services


Installation of new refractory materials is an essential part of furnace maintenance. Sound Installation practice is critical to overall product performance.

Experienced ITE Application Supervisors will be available to provide expert advice on the installation of ITE refractory materials, working closely with the Client and his chosen installation contractors.



Professional design and engineering are a pre requisite for achieving optimal refractory performance in all industrial applications.

ITE will be equipped with all the modern CAD and IT technologies required to provide detailed 2D and 3D construction drawings, bill of materials lists, heat calculations, thermal modelling etc.

ITE Refractory engineers will work directly with client’s refractory and production specialists to fine tune any solutions, providing improved and reliable product performance.



ITE Inspectors will be highly experienced in conducting onsite inspections during hot and cold shut downs as well as during normal operating conditions. Using the latest inspection tools we will provide comprehensive and detailed analysis. Our inspectors are also API936-2014 Certified.



ITE is positioning itself to offer a full range of installation services to its clients, whether it be for a one off project or a longer-term full supply and service contract need.

ITE’s own trained and highly experienced personnel will be complimented by our regional network of installation partners, enabling us to provide a professional service throughout MENA.

Supported by the best available installation equipment, ITE is dedicated to establishing itself as a major EPC provider in the region, offering its client end to end service and security.

Where appropriate, our installation teams will be supported by mobile laboratory facilities to provide on site QC and testing capabilities as stipulated by API 936 Standard.

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